Leg and Core Strengthening

Here’s a great routine you can do after long periods of sitting.  You’ll be getting the blood moving throughout your body which will help decrease your chances of chronic disease.  This routine could be the main workout or used as a warmup. The chair squats are a great way to work out your legs in a safe environment.  

3 rounds of:
•30-sec plank
•30-sec chair squats

Key Points

Plank: Lift up the hips and get your body straight and in a slightly hollow position.  Lock your legs straight by pulling your knee caps towards your hips (up). Squeeze your glutes and brace your core to create stability.  You don’t want to be sagging your hips. Pull your elbows towards your hips to engage the full anterior aspect of your body. Be sure to breathe calmly when holding the position.  

Chair Squats:  Place the feet just wider than the hips with the toes slightly pointed out.  Keep the knees aligned with your second toe as you send you hips back and dropdown.  Keep your chest up and your spine straight. Think of screw your feet in the ground to create stability in your hips.  Slight touch the chair and then come back up with control.

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