Spine Mobility and Glute Strengthening

This is a great routine to start your day!  You’ll improve mobility in your spine while strengthening your glutes.  These areas of your body are extremely important for the structure of your body and overall function.

3 rounds of:
•30-sec cat camel
•30-sec bridges

Key Points

Cat Camel:  Be sure to start in a balanced position on your knees and hands.  Use your breath with each movement. I suggest inhaling as you arch your back up and exhaling as your arch down.  Take your time and work within a comfortable range.

Bridges:  Slowly roll your spine up segment by segment.  Imagine a bowl of soup just below your below button.  Initiate the bridge by tilting the imaginary bowl of soup towards you.  This sets your pelvis in an optimal position. Come up slowly and get your torso in line with your legs (knee to hip) at the top.  Squeeze the glutes at the top and roll back down the same way you rolled up.

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