Native Nutrients Green Superfood Powder

30 Serving Jar
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Native Nutrients

Native Nutrients is a revolutionary 3-in-1 plant-based organic formula that combines 21 of history's healthiest whole food nutrients, superfoods, and superfruits into one easy-to-mix blend.

Benefits include:

  • All-day energy
  • Brain & memory support
  • Everyday gut health
  • Healthy aging
  • Hormonal balance
  • Metabolic function


    - Organic Wheatgrass

    - Organic Spirulina

    - Organic Alfalfa Grass

    - Organic Barley Grass

    - Organic Spinach

    - Organic Broccoli

    - Organic Beet Root

    - Organic Wakame

    - Organic Acai Berry

    - Organic Pomegranate

    - Organic Astragalus Root

    - Organic Kale

    - Organic Blueberry

    - Organic Coconut Water Organic Parsley

    - Organic Chia Seeds

    - Organic Apple

    - Organic Turmeric Root

    - Organic Ginger Root

    - Organic Rosemary

    - Organic Spearmint

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 150 reviews
    Maureen Schulze
    Very healthy way to start the day

    I think that says it all!

    Willie Wright
    Excellent all around!!!

    Really love the service and the products are great...

    Ann Leone

    Great tasting. When I first tried this, I mixed it just with water. It wasn't good at all like that so I tried mixing it with juice. What a difference! I actually crave the taste now. I also can tell right away my body likes it. I feel a surge, like I really needed it.. all the nutrients. I'm absolutely going to continue to use this product.

    Janice Smith

    So far I love the greens and it’s just what I needed. I’ll be getting more!

    Zahava Fisch

    tastes better than any other green drink I've tried.

    Frank Machado
    Love it!

    Start off every day with it!! Love it!