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“From improved brain function to better joint health and healthier skin — omega-3 fatty acids are truly beneficial for your whole body health.” -Dr. Chad Walding

Why Krill Oil Has The Best Omega-3s

Fish oil has traditionally been a popular source for omega-3s, but due to the emergence of heavy metals in our oceans, krill oil has significantly grown in popularity as a more pure and safer choice.

What’s more, recent research has uncovered a few other key reasons why krill oil serves as a superior omega-3 source: 

Krill Oil VS. Fish Oil

  • No unpleasant taste: Unlike fish oil, there’s no fishy aftertaste will krill oil supplementation (goodbye embarrassing fish burps!)
  • Better absorption: The omega-3s in Krill oil are bound to phospholipids (instead of triglycerides) - making it easier for the intestines to absorb for more rapid benefits
  • Age-defying antioxidant benefits: Krill oil also contains Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that helps fight age-related free radical damage
  • Unrivaled purity: Because krill are sourced from the pristine waters of Antarctica, there’s virtually no exposure to oceanic toxins - yielding the most pure source of omega-3s available on the planet

With its high concentration of essential fatty acids, krill oil has become the premium omega-3 source for helping curb stiffness and joint pain, lowering triglyceride levels to boost heart health, and keeping your brain sharp and memory clear. 

The Benefits Of Krill Oil

  • Reinforces heart health: One of the best-known properties of omega-3 fatty acids is their effect on heart health. Krill oil, being rich in the omega-3 fatty acids, helps to reduce the build-up of cholesterol in your arteries and prevent hardening and atherosclerosis. This can aid in lowering blood pressure and reducing one’s risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Reduces inflammation & helps relieve joint pain: Aside from its impact on the cholesterol levels in the body, omega-3s also act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents and are able to aid in promoting a healthy inflammatory response within the body. This makes the omega-3s found in krill oil excellent remedies for helping to reduce inflammatory discomfort within joints, arteries and blood vessels. 
  • Promotes mood: A significant amount of research has studied the impact of omega-3 acids (EPA and DHA) on neurotransmission in the brain. The studies have shown positive effects on mood and anxiety, and these acids can even be taken as antidepressants. This makes a healthy dose of krill oil, particularly when you are recovering from an illness or an emotionally tumultuous time, and even better for your overall health
  • Supports metabolism: Krill oil is beneficial in reducing the fat deposits in the body and improving the metabolic activity. It prevents an omega-3 deficiency in the body, which is one of the major reasons for a slow metabolic rate. It also provides the body with various antioxidants, including Astaxanthin, which helps in creating a bond between omega 3-fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are responsible for direct metabolism.
  • Aids in digestion: Although not commonly known as a digestive agent, krill oil does have an effect on the gastrointestinal system, namely due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This oil can reduce stomach upset, indigestion and constipation, resulting in the better overall health of your entire system.
  • Boosts immunity: One of the other properties of krill oil is its ability to boost the immune system. Due to it’s potent concentration of the antioxidant Astaxanthin, supplementing with krill oil can improve the strength of your body’s defenses and can seek out free radicals and neutralize them. This can lower your chances of developing chronic diseases and prevent other infections throughout the body.
  • Protects the brain: Krill oil is known to improve retention of information and concentration skills by reducing the oxidative stress in the brain. Research has shown that krill oil’s antioxidant properties also help improve cognitive ability, especially in the elderly. The antioxidants present in it are able to stimulate neural activity by clearing out plaque and ensuring blood flow to the capillaries around the brain.
  • Detoxifies the body: One of the important organs affected by krill oil and its constituent chemicals is the liver. Given that the liver is the detoxification center of the body, hepatoprotective effects are important. A regular supplement of krill oil can help ensure that your liver continues functioning normally, and keeps your blood clean.
  • Revives skin health: Thanks to the antioxidant rich compounds in krill oil, these fatty acids are known to aid in reducing inflammation in the body, thereby helping to prevent conditions like acne and removing the harmful contaminants from the skin.
  • Provides purity: Unlike certain types of fish where fish oil is derived, krill species are not known to possess dangerous minerals, such as mercury. Since krill only feed on the lowest level of the food chain, phytoplankton, they do not intake any of these minerals. Krill oil is incredibly pure, which is yet another reason why so many are turning to this omega-3 source. 

Introducing: NativePath Wild-Caught Antarctic Krill Oil 

NativePath Antarctic Krill Oil contains essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA that your body can’t produce on its own, as well as rapidly-absorbed phospholipids and the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin – which aren’t found in typical fish oil.
  • 30 Day Supply
  • 100mg Phospholipids
  • 70mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • 30mg EPA
  • 20mg DHA
  • 200 mcgs Astaxanthin
  • Wild Caught & Sustainable
  • Doctor Formulated & Third Party Tested

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Want to learn more about NativePath Antarctic Krill Oil? 

Check out our Antarctic Krill Oil FAQ & Reference Page.

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