NativePath Collagen PM - Chocolate

20 Serving Jar
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What Is Collagen PM

Collagen PM contains 10 grams of youth-promoting collagen protein, 2 grams of GABA, 200 milligrams of L-theanine, 10 milligrams of magnesium, and 5 milligrams of melatonin in EVERY scoop to give you amazing benefits:

  • Sleep longer and have an easier time falling asleep
  • Fall back to sleep faster with your mind in a relaxed state
  • Sleep through the night, peacefully (No more tossing and turning)
  • Wake up with a brighter outlook and more energy
  • Restore collagen levels and grow years younger… While you sleep!



- L-Theanine

- Magnesium

- Melatonin

- Grass-Fed Collagen

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Elizabeth Romedy
Chocolate PM

Love the Chocolate PM as it helps me get to sleep. I also love Chocolate.

Myra Caramanico
Collagen PM

Excellent products.

Shirley Bruan

Love it with my coffee.

Peggy Boso
coffee creamer

creamy -- like flavor

James Mooney

The product was delivered on time and was exactly what I had ordered.

Carol Chandler
Best Collagen Available !!

This is by far the best collagen product I have ever used, during the morning I use the non-flavored collagen but every night before I go to bed I now use Collagen PM Chocolate (my fav flavor), I sleep so good now and honestly miss it when I am out of town and forget to take it along, (that won't happen again). I have been taking Native Path Collagen products for a few months now and am starting to feel the benefit of less joint pain, I have Lupus so I think the benefits are taking a bit longer for me to kick in however it is coming now so I am thrilled. And the best part is the flavor, other collagen products made me feel like I was drinking melted down animal product (sort of am I suppose) but Native Path is delicious with no aftertaste! This has truly helped me stay on track and take my collagen daily!