NativePath Peach Collagen

25 Serving Jar
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What Is Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Initially, the body naturally produces its own supply of collagen which it relies on to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones, and digestive lining. The body begins producing less collagen as we age - a significant decline starting as early as our 30’s. Thus the importance of NativePath Collagen. Benefits include:

  • Repair gut lining for optimal immune function
  • Restore joint, bone, and muscle strength
  • Improve skin elasticity & complexion
  • Nourish scalp hydration for hair follicle regrowth


- Bovine Collagen (Types I & III)

- Sugar-Free

- Gluten-Free

- Dairy-Free

- Soy-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David T
My new NP favorite!

I've been taking the collagen peptides for quite some time with great results. As of late I have been doing tea with fruit infusions and adding the collagen peptides with great results. As soon as I saw peach flavor was available I decided to try as the infusions do take a bit of work. This stuff is DELICIOUS it is the right amount of sweet with a fantastic note of peach! My new favorite NP product.

Krista Edsall
NEW favorite flavor <3

Smells like a fresh peach with just a HINT of cinnamon. Incredible in unsweet iced tea, plain water, even in some baked goods I've tried. It's so versatile and real tasting...definitely my new favorite!

Sher S
Peachy Keen

I have never tasted a more pleasant supplement in my life! This stuff is beyond delicious and incredibly refreshing... if you are a fan of peaches this collagen is most definitely for you!

My favorite way to consume this product is mixing it with Native Nutrients! SO GOOD!

Rachael Grosskopf
Really Tasty

You're in for a treat. I was blown away by just how much this tasted like a fresh peach. I add a scoop of plain collagen to my morning cup of coffee, but really needed a way to drink more water throughout the day. This does the trick. It's delicious and makes it really easy for me to meet my daily water goal. It taste so good I even experimented with adding a scoop to my coconut yogurt and man was that good. I highly recommend this one and will be stock up so I never run out.

Joscelyn Hodges
This flavor is better than I expected!

I have used the peach collagen in water, tea and orange juice and I have been pleased with each outcome so far! Definitely 2 thumbs up!

Caroline Bingham
Can't get enough

By the afternoon, I am CRAVING something other than plain water -- and this is the perfect fix. Dissolves super well too.