About NativePath

For the health seeker, NativePath is the Personalized Health & Nutrition company that best delivers on inspiring, educating and equipping individuals with tools and resources to restore natural vitality through ancestral wisdom & cutting edge science.

Our mission is to restore human health and vitality by rediscovering the Native way to eat, move and live.

Proven Nutrition Programs & Whole Food Supplements For Vibrant Health

Using the highest quality ingredients, our whole-food nutritional supplements are doctor-designed to deliver only the best of what nature has to offer. To ensure a premium customer experience, each formula is sustainably sourced and carefully manufactured through a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility in the heart of Dallas, Texas for home-grown, American quality you can trust. All of our supplements are third-party tested to meet the highest purity and quality standards on the market.

NativePath’s doctor-designed nutritional lifestyle programs are uniquely designed with individualization in mind. Our courses provide the perfect roadmap to restoring your body back to its original native settings - no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy, reduce pain, or just get back to feeling good again, our goal is to offer solutions that help you align with your own unique native path to whole body health - just as nature intended.

The NativePath Culture

The future of health starts in the past.

The roots of NativePath originate within the civilizations before our modern era.

When we compare the health of our ancestors to our current society, we see that not only were they generally healthier, but they were also virtually free of chronic illness.

By observing our modern ways of living, it’s become evident that our ever-advancing lifestyle has separated us from our natural ability to thrive.

Whereas our ancestors ate foods that were native to the land, our current food landscape now consists largely of packaged and processed foods that are laden with hidden sugars, toxic preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

Instead of being active outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air like our ancestors, the majority of us spend our day caged in an office, sitting for hours at a desk, staring at screens. We’re addicted to technology, exposed to carcinogens, overworked, and unbalanced.

As a civilization, we’ve become more stressed, closed off, and isolated than ever.

The consequence of our modern stress and toxic lifestyles is that we’ve begun to chemically alter ourselves in such a way that losing weight, feeling energetic and overcoming pain has become what seems like a nearly impossible feat for many.

But that’s where NativePath can help.

The ethos of our lifestyle programs, whole-food supplements, and free educational resources are forged from ancestral ways of eating, moving and living.

Using the wisdom of those who walked the Earth before us, our goal is to bring your health back to its natural thriving state - on your native path.

Eat Native

Move Native

Live Native

Who Is NativePath?

We are our community.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds on their journey back to vitality.

“I was sick of feeling sick… This is the only thing that has ever worked for me.”

Leigh - 54 years old

“I feel like I’m in a state of euphoria! Give this program a try... I’m never going back”

Staci - 53 years old

"People at work noticed, my kids, noticed... the transformation was unbelievable!"

Kathy - 54 years old

“I've been able to lose weight and continue to lose weight... THIS is working!"

Joan - 64 years old

"People at work noticed, my kids, noticed... the transformation was unbelievable!"

Kathy - 54 years old

Dr.Chad Walding, Co-Founder

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“The biggest take away I've learned through my exploration of Western and ancient medicine is that we all have a different human condition.”

We are all of different age, gender, heredity and the various environments in which we occupy are molding us each and every day - sometimes, without us even noticing. For this reason, achieving Whole Body Health simply can not be defined with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

That is why our quest is to help you discover the exact way of eating, moving and living that is right for YOU so that one day you can email us your testimonial... and so that one day you will turn around and help someone else begin their path.

Find Your Path To Whole Body Health