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Why We Exist

NativePath was born from a strong desire to create a path to better health — giving people a way to break free from their pain, fatigue, and unwanted weight.

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The NativePath Difference

When Dr. Chad, a Doctor of Physical Therapy based in Austin, Texas, started to see a recurring theme of pain, fatigue, and chronic disease running rampant across his patients, he knew there was something more going on beneath the surface.

As he sought out answers, NativePath was born. And with that, a path to better health was paved, with nutrition products that make it easy. At NativePath, we’re with you for the long haul—giving you everything you need to live native—or as close to nature as humanly possible.

What it means to be on the Path vs. off the Path.

On the Path

Off the Path

Whole Real Food
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Fake, Processed Food
Pure Supplements
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Low-Quality Supplements
High Protein Intake
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Low Protein Intake
Healthy Fats (Avocado, Coconut, & Olive Oil)
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Seed Oils (Canola, Sunflower, & Vegetable Oil)
Water, Tea, & Coffee
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Sodas, Juices, & Energy Drinks
Fruits, Vegetables, & Tubers
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Breads, Cereals, & Pastas
Monk Fruit, Stevia, & Honey
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Refined Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners
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Sitting All Day
Good Posture
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Calm, Relaxed Breathing
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Feeling Stressed & Anxious
Being in Community
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Watching Sunrises & Sunsets
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Excess Screen Time
Prioritizing Sleep
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Sleep Deprivation
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Note From Our Co-Founder

In 2010, I received a call from the hospital that would alter the course of my entire life. The nurse on the other end of the line said bluntly:

“You need to stop telling my patients about nutrition.”

I was a Home Health Physical Therapist at the time and had just discovered the vast world of nutrition. More specifically, I discovered how poor nutrition was linked to many of the health issues my patients were dealing with. So of course, I started telling them about it… I explained how gluten and dairy were big inflammatory foods. How sugar plays a role in things like high blood pressure, inflammation, and chronic disease. How toxic oils like canola and sunflower oil result in inflamed, calcified arteries.

So when I received that life-altering call, I knew I had to do something more...

So it began…In addition to the nutrition seminars that my wife and I were already hosting, I began researching whole-food nutrition products that would make people feel better. That’s when I stumbled upon this thing called collagen…And on that day—June 6, 2017—NativePath was born.

Get on the path today.

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