Low Back and Glute Activation

Next time you’re doing any squats or bending in your workouts try this 3 minute routine as a nice warmup.  These two movements bring stability all around the pelvis, hips, and low back. If you’re dealing with any back pain these will also be helpful to wake up supporting muscles. It helps take the pressure off your back when your muscles activate!  

3 rounds of:
•30-sec bird dogs (legs only)
•30-sec bridges

Key Points

Birddogs (legs only):  Get balanced on your hands and knees.  Make sure your arms and legs (knee to hip) are on a vertical line.  Keeping your low back as stable as possible take one leg and gently kickback.  Keep your head and chest facing the ground. Avoid hiking or dropping the pelvis when kicking back.  Stay tight in the belly and stable in the shoulders with the supporting arms.

Bridges:  Slowly roll your spine up segment by segment.  Imagine a bowl of soup just below your below button.  Initiate the bridge by tilting the imaginary bowl of soup towards you.  This sets your pelvis in an optimal position. Come up slowly and get your torso in line with your legs (knee to hip) at the top.  Squeeze the glutes at the top and roll back down the same way you rolled up.

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