Dr. Elaine Gavalas, ND, PhD

Dr. Elaine Gavalas, ND, PhD
Board Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner
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Dr. Elaine Gavalas is a Board Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner, Exercise Scientist, Yoga Therapist, and founder of GalenBotanicals.com. She’s a best-selling author of 14 health books including The Yoga Minibook Series. Dr. Elaine has been featured on the NBC Today Show, Martha Stewart Living Today, PBS, CNN, and numerous radio programs, podcasts, videos, magazines, and newspapers worldwide. With years of research distilled into 14 books, hundreds of published articles, videos and transformational programs, Dr. Elaine is the foremost expert on the benefits of natural health.


Brooklyn CollegeBachelor of Arts (BA), Physical Education
Columbia UniversityMaster of Arts (MA), Movement Sciences and Education
California College of Podiatric MedicineMaster of Science (MS), Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Candidate
Columbia University / Indian Board of Alternative MedicineDoctor of Philosophy (PhD), Alternative and Complementary Medicine
American Association of Drugless PractitionersBoard Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner

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