Ginger-Beet Detox Juice

Fun Facts

Don’t toss the beet stems! Many health benefits are found in the leaves in addition to the beets themselves. Consuming the greens can improve your eyesight, enhance brain power and reduce inflammatory pain associated with arthritis.


  • 2 Large beets, destemmed, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces (save stems)
  • 2 Medium Apples, cored & cut into wedges. 
  • 2 Small oranges, peeled and cut into wedges. 
  • 1 Large carrot, peeled. 
  • 1 1⁄2 Inch piece ginger, peeled. 

1. THOROUGHLY WASH and prepare all ingredients.
2. SET BEET stems aside.
3. JUICE BEETS, apples, oranges, carrot, and ginger.
4. LASTLY, JUICE beet stems. Stir the mixture gently.
5. POUR OVER ice (optional).

Note: Freshly made juices are best consumed within 30 minutes to an hour after preparation. Some settling of ingredients may occur.