How 67-Year-Old Sue Lost 30 Pounds Using NativePath MCT Powder

February 27, 2024

“I plan on living my life to the fullest for as long as I can.”

“I plan on living my life to the fullest for as long as I can. I never thought that would be possible when I retired in 2019 because I was overweight, had no energy, and suffered from chronic back pain,” reflects Sue Freeman, a NativePath customer of two years.

“Now I watch my grandsons full time, hike on weekends, and travel the world a few weeks every year! All of this became possible after taking NativePath Collagen Peptides and MCT Powder.”

Keep reading to hear how Sue’s health took a 180—for the better—after being introduced to the world of NativePath’s integrative supplements.

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Sue suffered a back injury that halted her life.

Some 30 years ago, Sue was confronted with a daunting health challenge—a severe back injury while living overseas in Greece. She damaged three discs in her back helping lift a piece of solid oak that weighed over 300 lbs. Doctors recommended surgery, but after observing the hospital operations and hearing others' less-than-encouraging experiences with back surgeries, Sue decided to seek alternatives.

Her first stop was physical therapy. And after 47 long days, she was finally able to take her first steps again. Despite the huge blessing of being able to move on her own again, the back pain didn’t go away…and it only got more severe as she endured two more back injuries over the years.

Mornings became a ritual of pain management, with her husband dutifully bringing her a heating pad that she’d have to lay on for ten minutes before trying to get up.

“I believe in the holistic approach. I feel like a doctor is just going to throw a prescription at you that doesn’t heal you, it just covers up the issue.”

In the midst of managing her pain, Sue was also juggling a demanding career as a Special Education and Gifted Education school teacher. The long days of being on her feet, often skipping meals, and resorting to whatever food was in the fridge when she got home eventually caught up to her…

Upon retiring in 2019, Sue knew she needed to make some lifestyle changes. She didn’t just want to feel better for herself and her husband—she now had grandkids that she wanted to keep up with! Thankfully, in September of 2022, Sue stumbled upon NativePath.

She started supplementing with NativePath Collagen & MCT Powder.

Sue's quest for a healthy, natural solution to alleviate her back pain led her to the world of collagen. Over time, she experimented with various brands, but none delivered the results she was hoping for.

One day, as she scrolled through Facebook, an ad for NativePath caught her eye. Intrigued, Sue dug deeper and visited the NativePath website…

There, she discovered that NativePath's Collagen Peptides stood out from the usual crowd of collagen supplements. Unlike others, it was sourced from grass-fed cows in South America, offering a premium product that was gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO—a trifecta of qualities that convinced Sue she had found a product worth trying.

Yet, Sue's health journey didn't end with collagen. She was also eager to shed some weight and gain more energy to keep up with her spirited grandsons. So when she spotted the NativePath MCT Powder (which has been repeatedly shown to promote weight loss), she decided to give it a shot, too. And just like that, Sue had two new weapons in her wellness arsenal.

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She experienced life-changing results.

We’re so happy to report that Sue’s heating pad has officially been retired! After about three months of supplementing with NativePath Collagen Peptides, she was able to get out of bed each morning without the assistance of heat therapy.

And Sue’s transformation didn’t just stop at pain relief. Her weight loss journey was just as impressive…

After just four months of supplementing with NativePath MCT Powder and taking walks with her grandsons, Sue went from 170 lbs to 140 lbs and from a size 12 down to a size 6. These changes weren't just physical either…she discovered a newfound energy, a vitality that amazed both her family and friends. Her story stands as a testament to the power of natural, holistic wellness solutions and the transformative effects they can have on our lives.

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“I now weigh 30lbs less, have so much energy all day long, and my back pain literally went completely away!”

With her back pain gone, renewed energy, and 30 pounds lost, Sue now keeps up with her very active grandsons full-time, hikes on weekends, and travels the world a few weeks every year. All of this became possible for her after taking NativePath Collagen Peptides and MCT Powder.

Sue became an advocate for her own health.

For Sue, NativePath became so much more than just Collagen and MCT Powder. She became an advocate for her own health—and the health of others…

As soon as Sue purchased her first jar of Collagen and MCT Powder, she wanted to learn all she could about her two new supplements. That’s when she turned to our blog. It’s there where she came across an intriguing concept called "collagen loading."

This method, which involves taking a higher dose of collagen initially and then reducing it to a maintenance dose, is believed to offer quicker and more effective results. Sue attributes her rapid and impressive transformation largely to this strategy.

This Is How Much Collagen You Need Each Day to See and Feel Results

This Is How Much Collagen You Need Each Day to See and Feel Results

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“Over time, as l read more of NativePath’s blogs, I learned about many of their other supplements that I am now also taking daily to enable me to stay active and healthy!”

She found more than just supplements, she found a community.

We're delighted to share yet another chapter of Sue's wellness journey, where she's not just a consumer but an active participant in the NativePath Community

She enthusiastically partakes in all of Coach Rachael’s monthly challenges (her favorite was the12 Days of Fitmas Challenge), showcasing her commitment to her health journey. But it's not just about personal growth for Sue; she also regularly shares about her incredible travels, offering a glimpse into her vibrant life post-transformation.

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But perhaps the most heartwarming part of Sue's journey is her passion for encouraging others. On the community platform, she's known for her uplifting comments, cheering on others as they navigate their own paths to wellness.

And Sue's enthusiasm for NativePath isn't confined to the online community. She's successfully turned her closest circle into believers too—her best friend and husband are now proud NativePathers!

Sue's story is more than just a testimonial; it's a testament to the power of community, encouragement, and the transformative potential of holistic wellness solutions.

Sue shares her NativePath supplement routine.

Sue's wellness journey began with the simple incorporation of Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides and MCT Powder into her daily regimen. Today, it has evolved into a comprehensive supplementation routine that supports her active lifestyle.

She starts each morning with a glass of warm lemon water and two capsules of Collagen Care+. Although collagen powder offers plenty of benefits on its own, this unique supplement takes it to the next level—thanks to collagen-boosting nutrients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and zinc.

Next comes what she playfully dubs her "NativePath mocktail," a nourishing blend of green tea enriched with a scoop each of NativePath Original Collagen Peptides, Joint Health Collagen, Bone Health Collagen, and MCT Powder.

Prior to breakfast, Sue incorporates NativePath Probiotic into her routine, promoting gut health and aiding digestion.

In the afternoon, she opts for a warm glass of bone broth supplemented with a scoop of Native Greens, serving as an invigorating pick-me-up.

As dinner approaches, she takes a dose of NativePath D3+K2 tincture, two Total Turmeric softgels, and an Antarctic Krill Oil softgel. This combination ensures she receives essential vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

Finally, her day concludes with two NativePath Balance capsules before bed, assisting her in winding down and achieving more restful sleep.

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Some last words of wisdom from Sue.

Here are some last words of wisdom from Sue herself: “If you are just starting your NativePath health journey, remember that consistency is the key, and time is your friend! Don’t give up! Make a plan and stick to it! I hope that when you incorporate NativePath supplements into your daily routine, you will achieve amazing results like I did!”

“Life really is one of the world’s wonders! We never know what’s going to happen from one given moment to the next, so enjoy your life while you can.”
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