3 Minute Full Body Activator

June 14, 2019

These two movements used together to enhance coordination for both sides of the body. You’ll notice immediate improvements in your walking when you’re finished with this routine. It’s also extremely effective for activating the entire front and back side of the body. Excellent for an intermediate level back pain exercise. Also beneficial as a warmup to any workout.

3 rounds of:

•30-sec dead bugs

•30-sec bird dogs

Key Points

Dead bugs  Starting with knees and arms up… focus on flattening your low back to set the core in a slightly hollow position. While moving one leg forward and the opposite arm back… maintain a flat low back that’s connected to the floor. This will train your body to stay stable in your low back and core while you move. Super important! This is more challenging than a “legs only” Deadbug!

Birddogs : Get balanced on your hands and knees. Make sure your arms and legs (knee to hip) are on a vertical line. Keeping your low back as stable as possible take one leg and gently kickback. Keep your head and chest facing the ground. Avoid hiking or dropping the pelvis when kicking back. Stay tight in the belly and stable in the shoulders with the supporting arms. This is more difficult than “legs only” Birddog!

NativePath Dr Walding Full Body Activator

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