The Inside Scoop on Pro Powerlifter and CrossFitter, Lauren Gravatt

December 20, 2021

Grab your coffee with a scoop (or two) of collagen and get cozy. You’re about to discover how Pro Powerlifter and CrossFitter, Lauren Gravatt, incorporates collagen into her lifestyle of barbels and protein shakes.

Like most things in life, Lauren Gravatt stumbled upon CrossFit by chance. A once-in-a-lifetime encounter that ended up redirecting the course of her entire life. 

It began back in 2007 when her brother opened his own CrossFit gym in Murrietta, California—one of the first 50 CrossFit gyms in the world.

At the time, Gravatt was in college competing in trail runs and triathlons—two events in which “muscles were considered extra weight,” says Gravatt. “So why spend time with barbells or kettlebells when you should be pedaling?”

It wasn’t until years after college—when Gravatt pursued a career in firefighting—that she realized the importance of being functionally fit…

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Living “functionally fit” means doing specific functional movements that mimic your everyday activities. The seven basic movements include: Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, and Gait.

Examples of functional fitness in day-to-day life include:

  • Pushing a lawnmower (push)
  • Pushing your child or grandchild on a swing (push)
  • Reaching for that jar of collagen on the top shelf (pull)
  • Walking up the stairs (lunge)
  • Picking up a laundry basket off the ground (hinge)
  • Playing golf or tennis (rotation)
  • Gardening (squat, lunge, hinge, and/or rotation)
  • Walking through the grocery store (gait)

Functional fitness fires multiple muscle groups at the same time, effectively building strength, stability, and mobility so that you can “perform daily life tasks with ease.” By staying aware of how you’re moving throughout the day, you’ll keep yourself healthy and injury-free.

When the CrossFit Stars Align

In 2011, Gravatt visited her brother’s gym… 

She recounts, “he kicked my butt so hard I was sore for a week.” It was then that she realized her range of fitness was limited. In other words, the running, swimming, and biking she was doing for her triathlons failed to activate all of her muscle groups, unlike functional fitness.

Once Gravatt had this revelation, she quickly climbed to the top of the CrossFit ladder—passing her Level 1 CrossFit Certification in two short months, becoming a coach, and doing what she’s best at—competing.

Within two years of walking into her brother’s gym, Gravatt competed in her first Crossfit Open and made it all the way to the CrossFit Games—basically the Olympics Games of CrossFit. And in 2021, she made it the furthest she ever has, taking 2nd place in the Master’s Division.

Lauren Gravatt placing second at the CrossFit Games

Lauren Gravatt, left.

Collagen Q&A with Lauren Gravatt

I sat down with Lauren Gravatt to get the inside scoop on her collagen supplementation, including when and why she started taking it, how much she takes, and more.

Ready to find out? 3-2-1...Go!

Q. What does your collagen regimen look like?

A: I like adding Chocolate Collagen with my chocolate protein powder for that extra chocolatey goodness. Some mornings I’ll add the Peach or Wild Berry flavors into my oats for yummy flavoring.

Q. Would you say that grass-fed collagen powder has enhanced your health, training, and performance?

A: Taking collagen every day has definitely improved my complexion, helped my nails and hair grow faster and stronger. With all the loading and stress I put on my body each day, collagen keeps my joints feeling up for the task.

[In order] to enhance my performance and recovery, I need to hit my daily grams of protein; and adding in collagen gets me to where I need to be.

Pure Collagen Powder Sourced from Happy, Healthy, Humanely-Raised Cows

Q. Why do you take collagen? What has it done for you?

A: I started taking collagen because I wanted my hair to grow stronger and thicker. Which it did, but also I noticed my normally blotchy skin has noticeably cleared up. 

Recently I had a blood panel done and the doc told me my liver enzymes and heart were in the best shape he’s seen. I’ll attribute this to an all-encompassing quality protein and a healthy lifestyle.

Q. When did you begin taking a collagen supplement?

A: I started taking just any old collagen from the market about a year ago. I’ve since switched to NativePath because of its sourcing and quality.

For more guidance on what makes a high-quality collagen supplement, read this article: 7 Important Things To Look For In a Collagen Supplement

Pure Collagen Powder Sourced from Happy, Healthy, Humanely-Raised Cows

Want to Be More Active, but Not Sure Where to Start? Here’s a Pro Tip

shogun-image  shogun-lazyloaded

Obviously, we’re not all pro powerlifters or CrossFitters like Lauren Gravatt, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to move functionally.

Gravatt shared some of her top tips on how to be active—and stay active. And I have a feeling you’re going to like what she has to say…

When it comes to living an active lifestyle, start simple.

Gravatt expands on this point, saying, “Get out for a walk. Grab a friend and find a group class that appeals to you. Download an app that takes you through at-home fitness. [It’s easy to] get caught up in what exercise should look like, but truth be told, it comes in many forms! Start small but aim to have a larger goal to reach in mind.”

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Goals can take the following forms:

  • I will attend two group classes this week.
  • I will perfect my squat form in 60 days.
  • I will walk 10,000 steps five days a week.

Choose a goal that feels good to you. The more fun and pressure-free it is, the more sustainable it will be.

How to Cool Down Like a Pro (literally)

The post-workout is just as important as the warm-up and workout itself. Gravatt’s post-workout ritual always includes drinking a protein shake with collagen while doing some full-body stretches.

And don’t forget the post-workout chatter with your friends from class! Gravatt enjoys asking others what made that particular workout difficult for them. Reflection is key. Without it, you won’t know what to improve upon.

Wrapping Up: How to Keep Showing Up

Pro Powerlifter Crossfitter Lauren Gravatt

Thinking about exercising every day for the rest of your life is intimidating...and not an enjoyable thought.

When asked how she stays an athlete, Gravatt reflects, “All I think about is one week at a time. How can I succeed for this week? What is my goal? Some weeks it’s showing up 5 days for training, some weeks it’s about adding in more focused movements that I should practice.”

“And just like everyone else, I’ll have a rough night of sleep or more fatigue from training; so listening to my body is critical. Being an athlete isn’t about maximal fighting every damn day... Work smarter not harder. Go easy on yourself when you need to, and push hard when you can!”

Final Remarks from Lauren Gravatt

Well, you just got a birds-eye view from one of the top female CrossFitters in the world.

Lauren Gravatt is a woman who has inspired, motivated, and coached thousands of individuals. From the person who wants to master the basic CrossFit moves to the one who wants abs for the beach to the one who just wants to keep up with their grandkids, she has an individualized, results-driven program for anyone. 

She creates personalized programs for her clients that they can follow in their home gym or she meets with clients in person for a more hands-on coaching approach.

Gravatt concluded our interview with one last encouraging tip: “Show up. And when you show up, give it all you’ve got.”

Follow Lauren Gravatt on Instagram to keep up with her workouts, competitions, and more.

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